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Wimbledon, Family Day out, and No Dogs Allowed: This Week's Royal Roundup

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Join me for this week's Royal Roundup as we analyze the last seven days of the biggest appearances, engagements, and news from the British Royal Family to celebrate elegance and tradition... or whats left of it, that is.

Wimbledon has come and gone again, and this year the Princess of Wales again didn't disappoint. An avid lover of all things sports, she appeared again this year three times alongside the likes of her family, Daniel Craig, and Andrew Garfield, to name a few of the celebrity cameos at the oldest and most prestigious Tennis tournament in the world.

Green seemed the theme for the Princess as she wore three different ensembles that reflected her classic unmistakable elegant style. As patron of the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club since 2016, she matched her dresses with "tennis ball green" and the grass turf, as many have pointed out.

Her neck line was surprisingly low compared to her usual decorum, but perhaps since the passing of Her Majesty, Catherine has felt the freedom to try new things. I hope this alludes to more than coat dresses and multiple colors of the same demure dress in the future! Although, I am certainly not complaining about her current inspiration.

This year she surprised the audience present and worldwide for not only for going viral for her focused and intense attention to the sport, but hugging a devastated Ons Jabeur after her loss! Kate is clearly a compassionate person.

The Princess was joined by her family for the final day's events, including first-timer Princess Charlotte who donned a pair of new sunglasses, yet didn't seem to share the same enthusiasm for the sport as her mother.

I have thoroughly been impressed by Charlotte's wardrobe, which is so counter-cultural to today's womanizing of young girls. At eight years old, Charlotte presents a great example of what young girls today should be wearing instead of fast fashion or commercialized outfits. Her impeccable manners and timeless floral dresses at an appropriate length are admirable in today's day and age.

Earlier this week we got another peek into Princess Charlotte's wardrobe as she joined her family including cute little Prince Louis at an airshow at RAF Fairford. Again sticking with a blue color scheme across the family, the rain didn't stop them from exploring and boarding a C17 plane during their visit to the Air Tattoo. Look how tall Prince George is getting! He turns 10 this month.


Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte wore matching shoes for this family event, later putting on rain coats to keep dry during the typical English Summer weather.


Meanwhile, across the pond in Sunny California, someone else made an appearance this week, with less fanfare than she probably expected.

Rogue Royal Meghan Markle made an appearance at the Tuesday Santa Barbara Farmers Market, although suspiciously the pictures weren't released until Saturday's Wimbledon finals attended by the Wales Family. Intentional? Prior actions seem to say yes. Somehow like clockwork any time the Wales family is together in public, a solo Meghan dial-a-pap image is released!

This time Meghan was accompanied by her beagle, "Guy" (despite a "No Dogs Allowed" sign at the entrance) and a security guard as she purchased flowers from her local Farmers Market. This appearance comes in the wake of news leaking that her podcast was not renewed due to "lack of talent" and inflated rankings at Spotify. What the Sussex duo's next steps will be is unknown, but if it involves bad mouthing her family, or the royals, one thing for certain is that the general public is not interested, and the Sussex's making peace with and much less rejoining the royal family is growing increasingly improbable.

Jill Ishkanian for

Next week we look forward to Prince George's 10th birthday and various engagements the couple have coming up. With the Wales children now on Summer break, we likely will see less of the all-star Royals until September, but that will give us time to focus on other members like the Duchess of Edinburgh, Princess Anne, and Princess Beatrice, who I suspect will be announcing her second child any day now.


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