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Discover the 4 Secret Principles Women have Used for Centuries to

Stand in Any Room, Impress Anyone, and Thrive in Their Calling

It's finally time to unfollow trashy, politically biased women's media!


 This 14 page Ebook will reframe the way you think about elegance with easy, achievable applications and simple breakdowns of the 4 Principles. Learn through modern and vintage examples of your favorite elegant women, highlighting everything you need to know to begin your elegance journey. Soon you'll be on your way to solving complex challenges in your life thanks to the Power of Elegance!

Based on the mind of author Matthew E May (In Pursuit of Elegance: Why the Best Ideas Have Something Missing) Hannah Brusven has applied business principles to womanhood, recognizing the threads through tradition, history and trends, so you can gain more inspiration than what mainstream society feeds you.

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