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Creating a Romantic Interior That Blends Antique and Contemporary Themes

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Photo Courtesy of Architectural Digest

Antique styles can add a unique touch of character and history to a modern interior design. Providing an opportunity for the elegance principle of Sustainability, antiques offer a place for sentimentality and heritage. However, too much and your space will resemble a flea market or delicate museum. Here are a few tips on how to incorporate antique styles into your home in an elegant approach:

1. Mix and match: Combine antique pieces with modern furniture and decor to create a balanced and cohesive look. One woman I follow who executes this well is Shelby from Pretty in the Pines. A native North Carolinian, she now lives in New York City and shares her perfectly balanced antique and modern interior designs with the world.

@prettyinthepines instagram

2. Use statement pieces: Use an antique piece, such as a vintage chandelier or a reclaimed wood coffee table, as the focal point of a room. Buy utilizing the elegance principle of Subtraction, it is important to use negative space to your advantage. Direct attention to your statement piece with craftfully positioned decor.

Photo Courtesy of The Wall Street Journal

3. Incorporate vintage textiles: Add a touch of vintage charm to your home with antique textiles, such as a vintage statement chair or a handmade table runner. These items create a timeless aspect to your interior design, without making it feel outdated. Another woman whose interior design I admire is Julia Berolzheimer, whose interior was highlighted in Southern Living. Her combination of modern and vintage nods to the past while celebrating the future in bright colors.

Courtesy of Julia Berolzheimer @juliaberolzheimer

4. Display vintage art and decor: Display vintage art and decor, such as an antique mirror or a vintage map, to add a touch of history and character to your home. This is a great place to use pieces from your grandmother's house and incorporate artists that have deep meaning to you and your loved ones, with your own spin on design. This also helps you save money in decorating. In my home growing up we had many oriental rugs from my grandparents, bringing color and history to our most special places.

5. Be selective: Be selective about the antique pieces you choose and make sure they fit in with your overall design aesthetic. Don't forget throughout this journey the primary principle of elegance-- Symmetry. If the antiques clash with your personal style, don't force them into your overall design. They will look out of place and dated. Similarly, don't feel you must keep antiques from loved ones if they aren't for you. Where possible, I encourage you to incorporate vintage pieces, but you may need to seek out decor that fits just right.

Remember, the key to successfully incorporating antique styles into a modern interior design is to strike a balance between the two. A mix of old and new can create an interesting and unique look that feels both fresh and timeless. It may take a little while to achieve this balance, but believe me when I say it can be quite fun!


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