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How to Be Liked And Become Memorable By Writing Letters

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

There is a strange irony in our individualistic culture that to stand out, you need to follow the trends. How ineffective!

Individualism plays an important role in our quest for learning to stand in any room, impress anyone, and thrive in our calling.

However, individualism isn't what you think it means.

Likely, when someone desires to be unconventionally individualistic, what they are really striving for is to be memorable.

People want to be remembered for something good-- their sense of fashion, their ability to be cutting edge with trends, their unique qualities...

However, these individualistic demonstrations are usually followed by a mass commercialization and following.

Just like how this season, Uggs are back and trending again. Only a few months ago it was considered an early-aughts-embarrassment, and now we all have them on our Christmas lists.

Uggs are back this season: Will you be wearing?

Trends will not be the anchor to make you stand out from your competition if you are looking to thrive.

Trends aren't bad, they have their place, but it is truly in the small details of your style and personality that make you noticeable and memorable.

This is highlighted in the fourth principle of elegance that we're exploring here; sustainability.

There is nothing more noticeable and memorable than utilizing one superpower that is fully unique to you. It's not your style.

Its something you were born with that is effected by and reflects every part of your life-- your handwriting.

In a world of texting, Google Docs, and email, there is little room left for handwriting, and that is a shame.

My mom taught me from an early age that Thank You notes are vital not only to exhibit gratitude to the personal who generously gifted you an item or service, but to be memorable. Memorably you.

No one else can write the way you do, with your unique flourishes, emphases or shapes. In fact, master graphologist (yes, that's a job!!) Kathi McKnight has divulged that in analyzing your handwriting, experts can find over 5,000 personality traits about you!

Your handwriting reveals more than you'd think!

Here are a few key takeaways I discovered in how handwriting carves out individualism like no other.

If you write with large letters and words, you want to feel understood and noticed-- and you're likely people oriented!

On the other hand, if you write in small letters, you are probably focused and introverted.

Here's what loops have to say about your handwriting:

With so much personality tucked into handwritten notes and letters, 2023 should be the year to lean into beautiful longhand manuscripts. Not only does it make someone feel good to receive mail, but it shows them how much you care with the time money and energy you've put into mailing them a beautiful note.

They will remember you for using a timeless medium and think of you set apart from everyone else. Your message won't be on your text inbox like everyone else. It will be in their hands, physically, and that my friend is powerful. The Power of Elegance.

Who will you be writing your first handwritten letter to?



Hannah Brusven founded The Swish in 2018 to combat trashy & politically biased women's media and create a  place for young women looking for a little more than more society feeds them.


Here we believe elegance is powerful, and the key to unlocking confidence, persuasion, and impact. Explore trends, traditions, lifestyle, and more with The Swish-- for an inspired elegant life. 


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