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How Gen Z Is Going To Redefine Elegance In The Fashion World

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

There's no denying that Gen Z has a unique sense of style. Even the royals have been embracing it. But what exactly is it that makes my generations aesthetic so special?

I think it has something to do with our ability to mix high and low, traditional and trending, serious and playful with ease. In other words, Gen Z has a knack for making the everyday look effortless and chic... you could even say, elegant.

Gen Z always starts with the basics. Combinations like a well-fitting pair of jeans, a crisp white tee, and a great leather jacket are always in style. If you are aiming to achieve a Gen Z style, add in trends as you see fit. Just remember to keep things balanced. And don't hop on a trend unless it really works for you-- trends aren't for everyone-- and if you're going to rock a bold print, keep the rest of your outfit relatively simple.

The next generation of fashion is all about the power of elegance. But what does that mean? Well, it's like this: we've all heard that millennials are obsessed with comfort, but Gen Z is taking it to the next level by embracing comfort in their fashion choices. What they're doing is making comfortable clothes look good—and they're doing it well.

From high-waisted pants to oversized sweaters, Gen Z knows how to make even the most basic outfit look chic. They're bringing back the power of classic silhouettes like the pencil skirt and tailored jacket, but making them modern and fresh through innovative fabrics and colors.

Shows like Gossip Girl (particularly the reboot), The Gilded Age, Bridgerton, and more have kept us glued to screens throughout the pandemic and beyond, inspiring us to dress prestigiously.

Hailey Bieber needs no introduction and exhibits is approach to fashion well. She is a great example of two of the laws of elegance-- sustainability and symmetry.

Gen Z knows how to dress for success without sacrificing comfort or style—and that's exactly what we love! (Remember the definition of elegance- minimum input for maximum output!)

But this comfort is paired with an Old Money Style that is going viral online. It is changing what status symbols look like for a new age-- a return to the elegant and refined.

But Gen Z recognizes they still have flaws, still make mistakes and are rejecting the perfection mantras. Gen Z does not consider themselves to be perfect or infallible, instead our elegance is just a sign of a refined and cultivated approach to fashion. We like to dress well and know how to, but don't obsess over trends or their clothing getting wrinkled because we know these things can be fixed and will go away.

As a whole, Gen Z is an elegant generation. We are poised to take over the reins from Millennials, who have defined youth for the past decade or so. The Gen Z unique blend of artistic and tech-savvy elegant sensibilities has already begun to create an economic boom for companies that take advantage of these strengths.


Hannah Brusven founded The Swish in 2018 to combat trashy & politically biased women's media and create a  place for young women looking for a little more than more society feeds them.


Here we believe elegance is powerful, and the key to unlocking confidence, persuasion, and impact. Explore trends, traditions, lifestyle, and more with The Swish-- for an inspired elegant life. 


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